Discovering suitable apps for your business has never been easier

We listen. The Apps we develop are a direct result of our customer's needs. With our growing network of partners and developers, Hypi can offer you a complete suite of applications just for your business.

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Building your own apps for your business or consumers

Hypi is convenient for off the shelf apps and that can be good enough sometimes, but Hypi doesn't leave you hanging when you want more. Design, Build and Publish your own apps and make them available in the app store for your business or consumers. All apps whether custom built by Hypi, you or other third parties seamlessly integrate with each other. That means, no more export/import of those pesky CSVs! Welcome to a better a web!

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Automate, automate, automate!

Hypi can automate 70% or more of your custom app development, drastically saving you time and money. We've successfully turned 6 month projects into 6 week ones, we can do the same for you!

Tailored Apps