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Fulltext search with Apache Ignite

Using Apache Ignite? Ever wanted to find data by more than just an ID? In this post we discuss how Hypi implements Fulltext search on top of Apache Ignite as presented at both the Paris and London Feb 2019 In Memory Computing meetups. … Read More

Authorisation scope

IaM: Understanding what can be protected

In this post we dive into some of the details on how you can quickly add authorisation to your Hypi apps. … Read More

High Speed In memory computing with Apache Ignite

Intro Hypi High Performance Distributed In Memory Computing with Apache Ignite

In this post Hypi’s founder and CTO presents about Hypi’s storage architecture at the London In Memory Computing meetup. A must read for anyone interested in the cogs turning behind the scenes! … Read More

Hypi Query Language – HypiQL

Data, data, data everywhere. Hypi offers a powerful query language as part of its platform. In this post we’ll take an introductory look at its syntax.  Why a query language? Another query language! We evaluated several options when we were designing … Read More

Identity and Access Management AKA Authentication & Authorisation

Overview Authentication & Authorisation are both done through GraphQL as are all other API requests. There are several pieces to authentication and authorisation. Some are implicit, some explicit. To be able to do anything, a user must first be logged … Read More

Authentication and Authorisation

Hypi handles user registration, authentication and authorisation. This section explains how this works … Read More

Groups, Roles, Permissions and Policies

Hypi lets you start simple but has a sophisticated authorisation system that is capable of representing complex authorisation policies. … Read More

Models, Data Structures & Compute Resources

Hypi is built around apps and their data models. There are some default ones and you can provide your own. This section explains what they are and how you define and use them. … Read More

User Admin Guide

Accounts Although some actions are possible without signing in or having an account, to really reap the benefits of the Hypi platform, one must be authenticated. Most of this documentation assumes as much. Only where explicitly noted can actions be … Read More

Introduction to Hypi

To get started