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Good Enough: The Enemy of Innovation

The building of modern technology, application development, and all that goes along with it is anchored in the idealization of innovation. For years, the web and mobile application development has rooted itself in the idea of pushing things forward, building … Read More

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Introduction to Clojure

Clojure is a modern dialect of Lisp designed to run on the Java Virtual Machine and the Common Language Runtime. ¬†Descending from Lisp, Clojure has a strong emphasis on functional programming and a philosophy of treating code as data. ¬†Learning … Read More

We’re Heading to WebSummit!

After a stunning start to autumn, we’re heading to the largest tech conference in Europe! As part of the Beta program, we are planning on showing the latest Hypi has to offer. This year at WebSummit, our goal is similar … Read More