Build serverless applications and API services.

Build with your imagination; mobile, web and dashboard apps using Hypi. The low-code platform and services that get you to market faster.

A comprehensive low-code app development platform for innovation

Focus your effort on your frontend user experience, while reducing waste, optimising performance, and maximise development effort.

The serverless lowcode backend for cloud application development & API services

Automate your development process with Hypi as your reliable serverless backend provider. No DevOps, 100% scalable and secure.

Build apps fast

Hypi gives you out the box functionalities that fast track your app to market, without managing an infrastructure.

Focus your effort

Take on large projects with small teams. Hypi database, storage and instances are fully managed, secure and fault-tolerant.

Scale on demand

Address the volume and velocity of scaling your applications and APIs autonomously as your needs grow.

A strong foundation for overcoming complex challenges

A low code platform that simplifies software development by creating a frictionless infrastructure that reduces the technical depth to harness the full potential of diverse technologies.


Keep pace with the latest state of the art technology by leveraging Hypi which aggregates, integrates and manages key modern components so you don't have to.


Learn one consistent and intuitive API that integrates into your workflow and stack without needing individual technology expertise or DevOps personnel.


Simple enough for a new developer, flexible enough for a Senior Architect. The Hypi platform is designed to match your experience. Whatever that may be!

Who uses Hypi


Focus on work that matters, forget backend infrastructure and avoid routine work.

Product owners

Reduce time-to-market and deliver fast with a smaller team and minimum coding.


An infrastructure that helps lower costs, while having the flexibility to serve your clients better.

Startup founders

Examine business hypotheses, making your vision a reality without compromise.

Hypi makes app development easy, powerful, flexible and extensible

Build comprehensive, scalable, highly available, globally distributed, fully managed, secure API services to build modern applications faster.

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Multi-Tenancy Applications and API services

Build multi-tenant SaaS and API services faster that scales autonomously, lower cost, and increase efficiency, no more having to provision or manage any infrastructure.

Mobile and Network-Centric Applications

Rapidly develop and deploy social networks and Network-Centric applications and services that scale on demand is inexpensive and accessible and fully managed.

Business Process Management Applications (BPM) and Dashbaords

Create business-centric applications and dashboards that let you discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimise, and automate your business processes in an inexpensive way.

AI in industry, From buzzword to driving your bottom line

AI is getting over its hype phase and starting to deliver value that has a noticeable and measurable impact on profits. In Hypi's white paper we introduce you to AI, what the difference is with Machine Learning and how it is transforming different industries today.