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Go Serverless with Hypi serverless functions

Hypi can get you 95% automatically. For the other 5% Hypi makes it quick and easy to deploy custom code.
That 5% can be built with serverless functions.
Hypi supports two types, Hypi LITE and Hypi’s Hyper Cloud.

Hypi LITE lets you submit custom JavaScript or Java code (more languages to come) with your app.We securely compile and execute your Java (or just run the JavaScript) code inline giving your apps optimal performance by running it right next to ours.

Hyper Cloud lets you submit HTTP(s) or plain TCP serverless functions that are called when you need them.

What’s more, Hypi Cloud let’s you call out to external services, clouds or your own existing infrastructure enabling you to expose these through Hypi as if they were natively built for the Hypi platform. Any HTTP service can immediately be accessible via GraphQL!