Resources & Support

Resources & Support

Bridging the skills gap

With a mission to democratise and simplify software development, by creating a frictionless infrastructure that reduces the technical competency to harness the full potential of AI, Big data and IoT.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern Machine Learning and AI using declarative infrastructure for model development and deployment

Big Data

Address the volume and velocity of scaling your application through Hypi's near real-time APIs and analytics.

Internet of Things

Connect, alert, and analyse with common protocols through a simple and intuitive IoT management interface.


Keep pace with the latest state of the art technology by leveraging Hypi which aggregates, integrates and manages key modern components so you don't have to.


Learn one consistent and intuitive API that integrates into your workflow and stack without needing individual technology expertise.


Simple enough for a new developer, flexible enough for a Senior Architect. The Hypi platform is designed to match your experience. Whatever that may be!