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AI-powered app in a day

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An AI, Big Data and IoT driven company

Eliminating barriers to entry: cost, time, and accessibility

Hypi brings together Big Data, IoT and AI in a simplified way that makes them accessible to any developer. By providing a unified developer experience that allows you to leverage new technologies without being an expert; you can innovate and rapidly iterate to remain competitive.

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Resources & Support

Resources & Support

Bridging the skills gap

With a mission to democratise and simplify software development, by creating a frictionless infrastructure that reduces the technical competency to harness the full potential of AI, Big data and IoT.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern Machine Learning and AI using declarative infrastructure for model development and deployment

Big Data

Address the volume and velocity of scaling your application through Hypi's near real-time APIs and analytics.

Internet of Things

Connect, alert, and analyse with common protocols through a simple and intuitive IoT management interface.


Connected Platform

Bring the power of Big Data, Analytics and IoT into your next project

ArcOS is wrapping AI, Big data and IoT in an elegant package that's accessible on demand. ArcOS is empowering organisational growth, letting you deliver value and remain competitive by capturing real-time business insights built on the expertise of a global community

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Keep pace with the latest state of the art technology by leveraging Hypi which aggregates, integrates and manages key modern components so you don't have to.


Learn one consistent and intuitive API that integrates into your workflow and stack without needing individual technology expertise.


Simple enough for a new developer, flexible enough for a Senior Architect. The Hypi platform is designed to match your experience. Whatever that may be!


General Overview, of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI in industry, From buzzword to driving your bottom line

AI is getting over its hype phase and starting to deliver value that has a noticeable and measurable impact on profits. In Hypi's white paper we introduce you to AI, what the difference is with Machine Learning and how it is transforming different industries today.

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People Says

“Mason360's adopted Hypi to deliver our 360 image and video solutions and we haven't looked back. Being able to rapidly iterate and integrate cutting edge technology has been instrumental in keeping us ahead of our competition.”

Kevin Mason, Founder Mason360

"Hypi is a massive time saver. A great platform to build on and still retain complete control. Who knew software development could be this simple!"

Karen Hovhannisyan, Founder, BeeWeb

"Being a non-technical founder of a tech startup presents some unique challenges. Hypi's been able to help HotSpotz focus on its value proposition instead of the underlying tech. Knowing the platform is flexible and will scale with our growth keeps us focused on the right tasks"

Charles Gordon, Co-Founder, HotSpotz