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Core app
User-defined functions
ArcOS Services
Models per app 5 15 30 50 Unlimited
Cost per model £0.00 £0.10 £0.15 £0.20 £0.30
API Request 10K 250K 500K 2.5M Unlimited
Data storage 50MB 5GB 10GB 30GB £0.30 per GB
File storage 150MB 15GB 50GB 100GB £0.40 per GB
Network transfer in 1GB 25GB 30GB 50GB £0.15 per GB
Network transfer out 1GB 25GB 50GB 100GB £0.50 per GB
Serverless compute price £0.00001 GB/sec £0.00001 GB/sec £0.00001 GB/sec £0.00001 GB/sec £0.00001 GB/sec
Serverless max time 10 secs 1 min 3 mins 5 mins 15 mins
Serverless max memory 64MB 256MB 1GB 2GB 4GB

Every plan comes with Axiom:

ArcOS is an AI, Big Data and IoT platform with Axiom as its base offering for building cloud applications. Axiom is the core of the Hypi platform. Familiarity with it will make using other Hypi product & features more accessible.


It’s often the case that you may want to count or group data in your app. Use cases for this are where you want to ask things like, “How many of this thing exist?”.

See Aggregations API


Hypi triggers are a mechanism for automatically executing a function before or after another function. If you’re familiar with triggers in databases, it’s the same concept.

 See Triggers


In many database systems it is possible to ask the system to perform some basic mathemetical operations on an existing field/column. This is also possible with Hypi by using the math API. 

See the Math API


Many cloud services provide a mechanism for letting you know when certain events have occurred in their system. One of those mechanisms is called a Webhook.

See Webhooks

User-defined functions

User defined functions, UDF are a lightweight way of executing custom code in the Hypi platform. They are considered lightweight compared to serverless functions because they are evaluated on the same server where the calling code is executed. 

 See User Defined Functions


Workflows are a way of letting your app orchestrate the execution of multiple functions in response to a single event. Imagine you were building a web app for a completely automated Pizza service.

See Workflows

Core app

CRUD is the acronym commonly used for Create, Read, Update and Delete. With Hypi’s Axiom, a CRUD API is automatically generated from your app’s schema, enabling you to start working with your app’s API as soon as you click save!


Authorisation is the process which leads to a decision of whether access should be allowed or denied. In classic authorisation models there is a triple consisting of subject, object and action. For the most part, Hypi keeps these but enhances them a bit.