Simply expressive data models

  • Scalars, Objects, Enums, Interfaces, Lists, Unions
  • Over a dozen built-in model validators
  • Custom model validators using directives and serverless functions
  • Model Documentation which automatically generates API Docs
  • Advance tooling using our built-in editor or popular API development environments

Consistent API

Every model in your schema gets an automatic CRUD API.

  • READ
  • Customise the generated CRUD API using serverless functions with over a dozen hooks
  • Automatic Swagger / Open API, auto integration with external swagger APIs
  • auto export your models with swagger APIs


  • Custom GraphQL functions, with your favourite language Java, Javascript, Scala, PHP and many more
  • Simple integration with external services

Real-time subscriptions

  • Receive real-time updates for any objects
  • Near real-time updates for any query

Query Language

  • Select only the fields you would like in the response, reducing payload and improving performance
  • Implicit LEFT JOINs based on your model
  • Implicit INNER JOINs where you need it

Data filtering

  • SQL like filtering at webscale with sorting, pagination and limit support
  • Advance full-text search using term, phrase, prefix, wildcard, fuzzy, range and match all queries.


  • Support for resource, scope and type based permissions
  • Multiple authorization policies, supported on permissions including role, client, account, time, group and realm based policies.

Path-specific error message for easy debugging

  • Get detailed information about what went wrong and where

One click deployment

  • Create a new release, at the click of a button
  • Change dependencies between releases
  • Publish or Deprecate multiple releases
  • Share releases across teams and organisations

Less development time and faster deliveries

  • Hypi lets you go from idea to production faster than ever before
  • From a single model, Hypi generates a production ready API at the click of a button

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