Whether to host your website or app, Hypi has something for you!

When you host with Hypi, your data and files are distributed across the globe in a content distribution network (CDN). Which means fast responses for all your users — no matter where they come from.

99.95% uptime

Enterprise-grade reliability so your site is always available, Enterprise-grade reliability so your service is always available.

Infinitely scalable

Hypi’s foundation is built to handle even the most highly trafficked services. We run on distributed industry proven technologies so you're in good company.

Cloud database and API

Hypi as made development a lot easier & intuitive!

Designing intuitive and developer-friendly APIs is a major challenge. Hypi's GraphQL API is developed together with and for the community.
  • Great developer experience
  • Simple API with powerful features
  • Auto-generated API and documentation
  • Take back full control if the auto generated APIs aren't enough!
  • Never worry about scaling, we do that for you!

Advanced filters, pagination, and real time updates...what's not to like

From your GraphQL schema we generate filter input objects enabling you to find data by any indexed field. The full power of boolean logic is enabled by this API. As an added bonus, you can use Hypi's powerful fulltext search capabilities on any of your app's data!
  • Standard comparators <,<=,>,>=,==,!=,in,not_in and more...
  • Fulltext search - simple but powerful industry standard DSL
  • Custom pagination (or automatic relay pagination support)

IaM and SSL comes standard

Hypi comes with support for powerful Identity and Access Management controls that you can just re-use in your applications including

  • Realms
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Policies
  • Permissions
Building enterprise grade applications has never been easier. SSL certificates for every app, providing the security and SEO benefits expected of modern applications.

Go Serverless with Hypi serverless functions

Hypi can get you 95% automatically. For the other 5% Hypi makes it quick and easy to deploy custom code. That 5% can be built with serverless functions. Hypi supports two types, Hypi LITE and Hypi's Hyper Cloud.

Hypi LITE lets you submit custom JavaScript or Java code (more languages to come) with your app.We securely compile and execute your Java (or just run the JavaScript) code inline giving your apps optimal performance by running it right next to ours.

Hyper Cloud lets you submit HTTP(s) or plain TCP serverless functions that are called when you need them.

What's more, Hypi Cloud let's you call out to external services, clouds or your own existing infrastructure enabling you to expose these through Hypi as if they were natively built for the Hypi platform. Any HTTP service can immediately be accessible via GraphQL!

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Each hosting service comes with

Unrivalled performance

Performance matters, so we prioritise it. Every app/service hosted on the Hypi Cloud platform gets instance distribution! Go viral!

Enhanced security & 99.95% uptime

SSL is included. No ifs, no buts. Security first.

Immediate scaling

Never worry about going viral again, in fact, we encourage you to aim for it! We've got you covered!

Backups & versioning

We replicate everything! Our own data, at least 3 times, yours...as much (or little) as you choose!

Hyper connections for a connected world

It's in our name! The web is all about connections, Hypi is all about connections. Any cloud, any service, anywhere.